Script Craft Canada

 John and I started our company 1981. It is a family run business as we studied and learned our craft from his parents then introducing it to our son.
Both of us were raised on the west coast and settled on Vancouver Island in 1990.
Our professionally run display has been seen coast to coast at craft shows festivals and celebrations.
We design and make  pendants, bracelets ,earrings etc. in our studio, what made us unique is that we could also design and create on site at the show.
We use silver and 14kt. gold-filled wire for our individually designed pieces.
Using no solder we sculpt wire around gemstones, many of which
have been hand cut and polished by us.
All of our stones are carefully selected for their special qualities
and natural beauty.
We are able to offer and feature  Canadian Ammolite, Ammonite's, and high quality Australian opals, among many more exotic gems.
We are pleased to design settings for beach glass or that special pebble treasured by a client.Our designs range from simple and fun to wear to more intricate designs for discerning clients.
We have something for everyone.

Script Craft Canada (a division of 1033803 BC LTD)
[email protected]